This is what public transit could look like

Imagine being able to see all that Arlington has to offer without the need for your car. You could drop by, have fun, and leave without the hassle of parking or traffic. This could be the future of Arlington.

Routes and Stops

Downtown Loop (3 Miles)


North Center Street

East Sanford


Library/City Hall


UTA East

UTA North

OTT Cribbs Public Safety Center

West Sanford

Stadium Loop (4.3 Miles)

Texas Live/Globe Life

AT&T Stadium

Lincoln Square Shopping Center

Lamar/Centreport transfer (Connects with Centreport Connection)

Hurricane Harbor


Esports Stadium

Six Flags

Centreport Connection/Collins BRT (12.7 Miles)

Lamar/ Centreport Transfer (Connects with Stadium Loop)

Green Oaks


Centreport Station


Division BRT (6.9 Miles)


Pioneer Parkway BRT (7.5 Miles)

Learn more about BRT

The Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) has created a standard for bus rapid transit systems that can be viewed by clicking on the button below:


View the ITDP Bus Rapid Transit Standard


Houston Silver Line BRT

(Image Credit: Ricky Courtney)

These are not real routes

But they could be

With your help, we can make Arlington a great place to live, work and have fun. It isn’t just about giving access to people without cars- it’s so much more. Public transit will benefit Arlington restaurants, hotels, stores, stadiums, and amusement parks simply by making it easier to access them. The growth of our city’s economy would be accelerated and the initial cost could likely be covered by federal or state grants, in part or full. When it comes down to it, public transit isn’t just necessary, it’s a no-brainer. Arlington shouldn’t be the largest city in America without mass transit and we, as voters, can change that.

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Arlington Public Transit is a citizen-run advocacy group which is not affiliated with the Trinity Metro, Dallas Area Rapid Transit or any other transit agency or government entity.