Travel Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine taking a bus, streetcar or train to wherever you need to go. No hassle, no stress, no car payment or insurance. This isn’t just a hypothetical- it’s a reality in many cities across the U.S. right now. Public transit is growing in North America, and Arlington is missing out. This schedule isn’t real, but it shows just how quickly Arlington could have public transit.

Public transit works but we need the political will and funding to make it happen.

Transit Schedule

This is a hypothetical plan for implementing a robust public transit system in Arlington over the span of only a few years

Year 1   |   Bus Service

Getting bus service is as easy as joining the Trinity Metro or DART system, meaning we could have functioning public transit in 1 year or less!

Area: Central Arlington

Year 3+  |   Streetcar/Light Rail

New, modern streetcars are being built all over in places like Atlanta GA, Tucson AZ and Oklahoma City. The equipment and expertise needed to build a modern streetcar system is readily available in the US and could be used by Arlington.

Area: Downtown, Stadiums

Year 5+  |   Network Expansion

A good public transit system reaches every part of the city and is accessible to all residents. This can’t be done initially, but through continued investment in and expansion of the system, this goal could be achieved in only a few years.

Area: All of Arlington

Why Streetcars?

The easiest and most readily available solution to Arlington’s public transit problems are buses. Since they use existing roads, building a network is as simple as constructing a few stops and funding the system, using the Trinity Metro or DART as an operator. This is fine, so why do we need streetcars?

Streetcars go beyond transportation and are an important and proven city development tool. Whether it’s Portland or Oklahoma City, property along a streetcar route skyrockets in value and businesses do better than ever. A streetcar isn’t just a way to get around, it’s a reason to visit Arlington and see everything our city has to offer.

“A streetcar isn’t just a way to get around, it’s a reason to visit Arlington and see everything our city has to offer.”

Arlington Public Transit is a citizen-run advocacy group which is not affiliated with the Trinity Metro, Dallas Area Rapid Transit or any other transit agency or government entity.